Saturday, June 20, 2009

Make Way

Make way for the despicable young man
Whose inexplicable activities
At last week's seasonal festivities
Seemed strange, but we discerned some sort of plan
In his dispensing with grace or élan
And showing his brutish proclivities
By claiming he was sure to live at ease
Without the rest of his putative clan.

"Let's live alone!" he cried. Let's live our lives
Without these masochists that make us ill
With epic violence, designed to thrill;
We'll raise our glasses and lower our knives,
Discuss each other's children, friends, and wives,
And scour the world for reasons not to kill.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mark My Words

Okay, don't mark my words. I'm unconcerned
About your attitude and your distress
At how things turned out. It's a stinking mess?
Well, that's what happened when your stomach churned
With feelings left after the bridges burned,
And, wanting more, you ended up with less.
You made her wonder, and you made her guess;
Now you complain, now that the worm has turned.

If you had listened when I tried to say
A few words, just in passing, about wax,
The price of oranges, coyote tracks,
And hopeless love (which I have put away
With other childhood fancies), you could play
That song to her, one more time, and relax.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Drinking Your Health

Your face is funny, and your teeth don't fit,
And when you turn your head away from me
Your ear dips, like a dog's ear, crazily.
The way you talk, hurtling great gobs of spit
(And no one can make any sense of it
In any case), annoys us all. You see,
The one thing on which all of us agree
Is that we don't like you one little bit.

However, if you're buying us a round
We'll drink your health. We're feeling in the pink,
And all your whining only made me think:
What do I care? It's like a baying hound:
I can't say that I ever liked its sound,
But when your voice is ordering, I'll drink.