Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Glad We Came

Did I remember to turn off the stove?
I haven't been away from home that long,
But now my memory is not so strong
That I could tell you, when I start to rove
From shore to sea to island olive grove
And back to city streets, where I belong
(Inside a small hut by a billabong?),
With whom, or if my lover's eyes are mauve.

If my apartment has burst into flame
That may not matter if I lose my way
And can't return because I'm lost today,
So why the worry, why the fear of blame?
Arriving here at last, we're glad we came,
And we'll eat raw food, cooked through by decay.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yeah, I Got Nothin'

Yeah, I got nothin'. Got no sonnets here
To post for readers -- here, or anywhere.
I'm writing this while losing all my hair
And meanwhile, filled with contumely and fear,
Repressing memories. It's been a year
Of pain, distress, and things no one should bear
Alone. So I got nothin'. Let me share
This general malaise. Let's have a beer

Together, maybe watch some weekend sports,
Discussing how a sonnet helps us all
By speaking fourteen reasons for the Fall
Made up of eight remarks and six retorts.
My fellow boozers laugh. One spits, one snorts,
And I got nothin' -- one flat basketball.