Sunday, August 24, 2014

Maybe at You

I wasn't laughing. Well, maybe at you
And your ridiculous display of cheer
In that dilapidated atmosphere
Of laissez-faire, the champagne rendez-vous
She craved — a woman who was never true,
Whose motives, heart, and eyes were never clear,
Who called you Darling, Lover, Sweetie, Dear,
But never kissed you — slattern, spider, shrew.

You vilified me, and you have the right
To claim whatever pops into your head,
But I remember everything you said
Since we were little boys, hanging on tight
To keep from falling off the world. Tonight
Our hearts are empty, and the moon has fled.

Sunday, August 03, 2014


Dispense advice; they need your oversight.
Regard with cool suspicion all who balk
At your insane avowals. Grandly talk
To them to show your evident delight
At their reactions. Yammer through the night
To underscore their helplessness, and walk
Into the classroom with your coloured chalk
And draw those diagrams that prove you're right.

Complete your mission with a careless shrug.
Do not be swayed by principles or facts,
And offer them bad faith and hollow tracts.
Your catechisms are a precious drug
That leaves you smiling, smelling smart and smug.
Refrain from any charitable acts.