Saturday, January 23, 2010

Delay in Posting

My wife's been in the hospital, so verse
Has sat in second place to her condition.
She sits there, in some version of perdition,
While we watch, wait, and hope it gets no worse,
Carouse, cry, call for cabbages, and curse,
Pretending it's a saucy new rendition
Of an old song in a new edition.
We're flinging crap, to make the crowds disperse.

Well, anyway, my wife's been awfully sick,
So I was much too worried to write much,
And what I've written lacks the common touch
I try for; where my rivals like the trick
Of strange inversions laid on pretty thick,
Meanwhile, I have avoided any such.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Personal Note

A personal note here: I have no sign
(Unless you like "Slippery When Wet"), hate strife
And hurried socializing, love my wife,
Believe in understanding, local wine,
And human failings rather than divine.
I like fresh bread and a serrated knife,
Expect no more from living than a life,
And when I suffer, I choose not to pine.

I fear disease less than credulity;
Though crafty ignorance seems to be bliss
We know enough about a lover's kiss
To choose it over any poetry,
Much less religion, or astrology,
And I've been thinking, as I crafted this,

Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Red Giraffe Plays

The red giraffe prepares to hit the dirt,
Having delivered a big hit, and now
He slides, making a furrow like a plough
Between third base and home. We had been curt
When he suggested joining us, his shirt
Preprinted with our team's symbol, Cass Cow,
Indeed a little holier-than-thou
About his playing, and he did seem hurt.

Now, having changed our minds, we've learned a lot
About snap judgments, and have realized
His qualities beyond the giant-sized
Bright spotted neck, although the second spot
Above his heart, right where the skin is taut,
Is still our favourite; he's not surprised.