Sunday, January 08, 2012

What Occurred

Review the incident: refresh your mind,
Remember when the ambulance was called,
Which vehicle was running, which was stalled,
At what point you thought you were going blind,
Who seemed considerate, who was unkind
(And what they said that left you so appalled),
At what point you thought you were going bald,
And why you left your last complaint unsigned.

Now think: was what occurred to you that day
So painful that a lifetime of regret
Will overwhelm you? Aren't you finished yet?
What more, what else can anybody say
To fix this? What great forces are in play?
None? Seize the moment: let it go. Forget

Monday, January 02, 2012


I've been involved with these revolts before.
At first, a revolution's in the air,
But soon enough nobody seems to care
About injustice, or the costs of war;
It's all about hate now, and keeping score,
And who's been pushing whose friend down the stair.
At first, truth moved us, knowing what was fair
Or unfair moved us. Now it's just folklore.

By now, a halfwit could anticipate
The death of comity in rival cliques.
You laugh whenever anybody speaks
Unless your back's been scratched. You overstate
How much has been done, cutting off debate.
You'll all be finished soon. I'd say three weeks.