Saturday, November 24, 2012

Speak of Love

I don't respect the people who were here
When I was searching for the Golden Fleece,
I don't believe the Premier, the police,
Or anybody else who builds on fear
To get me to behave; I won't revere
The ministers of war dressed up as peace,
Purveyors of old platitudes, thin grease
For broken wheels of commerce. I just sneer.

There is a woman in an alleyway
Behind the supermarket, selling weed,
A couple of cross-dressers, newly freed
From indecision, and two fools in grey,
And all of us stood up last Saturday
To speak of love, which is our only creed.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bold Briny Beetroot

Bold, briny beetroot is my heart and soul,
The very bottom of my intellect,
A swarm of bees inside me that connect
My heart to all the world, the wondrous whole
That is the universe. I'm like a mole,
Still delving underground, where I bisect
A garden just above me. You detect
My presence underneath you, where I roll.

I'm in the earth, I'm in the very dirt
Beneath your feet, like beetroot as it grows
Red in the red dirt, lovely in wide rows,
Inactive, inexpressive, and inert.
I have been hurt by beetroot, deeply hurt,
But beetroot is my all, as it well knows.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Shake off Sadness

Make haste, make free, make water, make a wish,
Make up, make over, make the grade, make peace,
Break up, break bread, break kneecaps, break a lease,
Break heads, break hearts, break grandma's supper dish.
We make and break so easily, we fish
For compliments we don't deserve, increase
The pressure on our friends, apply the grease
When they seem slow to praise, and liverish.

Tell me I'm wonderful, and take my hand
(Take care, take cover, take a break, take stock)
And reassure me gently. As you talk,
Make certain that you break down every strand
Of subtle argument at your command,
And we'll take time to smile, and take a walk.