Sunday, September 20, 2015

Regarding You

Regarding you, I once felt some regard,
But see you now in a much darker light:
Passionless hate is there, and a fresh blight.
The furniture we sat on has been marred
By our experience, faith grossly tarred
By brushes with each other's life, each slight
A deeper insult. Could we say the night
Is lit by gentle hopes? That would be hard.

I honoured you, but I have changed my taste.
I woke up to this sorrow, in your wake,
Your attitude gave me a stomach ache,
And all your graceful charm has been disgraced.
Regard and trust were nothing but a waste
And every word of kindness a mistake.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Her Charm

“Decisive action is what’s called for here,”
She warned me, bright eyes searching through the room
For something moveable. “It’s like a tomb
In here. Can someone get me a light beer
And maybe pretzels also? Pack your gear
And follow me. I can’t remember whom,
But I smacked someone back there in the gloom,
Who cried ‘Excelsior!’” Her thought was clear.

People might be against her -- not for long,
No chance that opposition could withstand
The onslaught of her charm, her heavy hand
With similes, her force, her tuneless song,
Her water treatment, soapy, smelly, strong,
And all the plans that never went as planned.