Monday, May 18, 2015

Nothing Beside Remains

No one could stay with you. When someone tries,
Night falls, a form of darkness so intense
That good will crumbles. There is no defence:
The light dims, birds are falling from the skies,
Ice binds up hearts, truth is replaced by lies.
You offer platitudes as recompense
For love; woe is the only consequence.
Each day with you, a little something dies.

I know you well enough, I think, to say
That what you have to offer me is bland,
Empty of meaning, like a far-off land
Of broken statues and barren decay.
Yes, I despair, and now I'll fly away,
Whatever specious ramblings you've got planned.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

The Waves

The waves restore my faith that nothing ends,
Breath pushing in and out — whether it's me,
Or you, or love, or the immortal sea.
The polar icecaps melt, fine-weather friends
Excuse themselves, but still the sea extends
Forever, goes on, incrementally
Producing tides with cool geometry,
Waves reaping massive, certain dividends.

Sadly, I had so little faith before
That when I prayed, I could not loose my tongue,
And gravely mumbled aimless, nameless bung.
Restore my other certainties, restore
My doubts, the way the waves restore the shore.
We've waited right here since the sea was young.