Saturday, July 26, 2014

Within Normal Limits

Some rogues and jokers were involved, I guess,
Some reckless ingrates on a desperate chase,
Some feckless rich boys channelling disgrace,
Some crawling apes who thought that happiness
Was turning love into a stinking mess,
Some foolish bagmen in a cold, dark place,
Some ghoulish rovers on a stinging pace,
And starving Solomons, under duress.

Complaining that the day was spoiled, therefore,
Seems little more than obvious and trite,
Since all these people have an appetite
For grief, impiety, and little more.
You claim you were offended to the core,
But no one was surprised. This was all right.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Schism

We were all together, till the schism.
Now our days are filled with fear, and dolour,
Joyful from my toes to my back molar.
Many things, all wrong, viewed through this prism,
Succour and protect the organism:
Change our power source, from wind to solar
(Sun was hot enough; the wind was polar),
Break the world apart with magnetism.

Doubt and cheer and blind regret are peppered
Through with questions: are the blossoms fragrant,
Sweeter than a sigh, or merely flagrant?
Is the shadow here a stalking leopard
Or a kindly and protective shepherd,
Or a scholar's dream? Think of a vagrant.

Friday, July 04, 2014


Here's why I was insensitive, and cursed:
I hurt my back and, suffering this pain
That runs across my hips and through my brain,
Reacting to each short but savage burst
Of agony indifferently dispersed
To every part of me, drove me insane.
So I've been crazy, on the astral plane
With giant toads and talking liverwurst.

So please forgive me, and when I have healed
And find myself once more possessed of sense,
I promise you a better recompense
Than raucous yelling. I have been revealed
By shamans underneath the chesterfield
To be a true friend, cautious and immense.