Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fog and Clarity

Inspire me, give me dreams, and clarity
Where all I had before was fog and mist,
An empty heart, two dry lips never kissed,
And reams of heartfelt, choppy poetry
Detailing what you might have meant to me
If we were lovers. In an eerie twist,
Our friends put us together on a list
Of people who act unaccountably.

We speak in riddles, take the long hard slog
To meet our friends, a god-forsaken crew
Of misfits, an incorrigible stew
Of types you might encounter in a fog.
A princess and an unenchanted frog
(Like us) should really look for something new.

Saturday, February 01, 2014


Three times we hesitated by the fire.
"It's unavoidable," I told the trees,
"Like winter, when the lakes and rivers freeze,
Snow clings, and squirrels, bears, and moles retire
Until the days grow longer, when the choir
Of nightingales is silent, when the bees
Sleep sweetly. Here we are, down on our knees,
Thinking of summertime." I moved the wire.

Digest this: there were greengages and plums
Strewn on the ground, pine needles, logs, and leaves
That covered everything. The heart deceives
The heart that hopes for joy that never comes.
Don't hesitate. The wire sizzles and hums,
The moon and bright stars slip away, like thieves.