Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why I Don't Bother with Polls

Since I already know what I think, polls
Just waste my time. Besides, the news reports
Mislabel and distort their meaning. Courts
May rule this meaningless, but no — our souls
Misrepresented sears my brain like coals
Laid on my forehead. I have sharp retorts
For ignorant mistakes, but power snorts
And raises foolishness to meet its goals.

Embracing bad opinions, free of facts,
The clueless cling to fear and easy blame,
Count on the famous, famous for their fame,
To tell them what to do, unreasoned acts
Based on crude lies in long-since disproved tracts,
And triumph. I just want to clear my name.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Walking Through

I didn't understand, but now I see
The truth about the choices that you made,
Between the men you slept with, games you played,
The art and money that you stole from me,
And where you went, once we were history:
It's all a package. You thought I'd been paid,
But then my temper got a little frayed
Around the edges, and I took my fee.

We ended up, the both of us, distressed,
But I'll get over it, and you will, too,
Unless you think I took too much from you
Without permission, but I would have guessed
You'd manage. We agreed life is a test
Of strength and perseverance. We'll walk through.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Four Beers

Depress me with your attitude, you stinker,
Arguing like crazy about crap
Nobody cares about, like how that map
Is no use to a dedicated drinker.
As for myself, I'm not the sort of thinker
Much exercised about lint in my lap,
The bluebird's wingspan, whether love's a trap,
Or why you never signal with your blinker.

Insisting that the world should pay attention
To these ravings and inanities
From science, grief, and the humanities
You perpetrate with barking mad invention,
You aggravate me. Also, must I mention
Your singing, vanity of vanities?