Sunday, December 30, 2012

Advice at Sunset

Expand your mind:
What's wrong is right,
The end in sight,
So leave behind
The sweet and kind
Until the night.
The stars are bright,
Oddly aligned.

It's evident
What you'll endure.
There is no cure
But decades spent
As malcontent,
Your heart impure.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Isolate the Spirit

Isolate the spirit from the body.
Give up all you once desired of savour,
Taste instead the thought of something braver:
Fly, bats! (Come into the garden, Maudie,
And I'll give you daylight, bright and gaudy!)
Feast on terror, relish all the savour
Of a nightmare, gloomy and much graver
Than the dawn you hoped for, dim and shoddy.

Make mistakes. This life is episodic
And disjointed, but imbued with beauty.
Doing nothing careful is your duty
To a world unmindful and spasmodic,
Where our best ideas are parodic
And our meanest bad dream is a cutie.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

What Would Suffice

Misshapen sculptures are a specialty
Of artists like my brother, working small
But dreaming big. Still, must you heed the call
Simply because you have a calling? See?
There's plenty of odd stuff's occurred to me
That I've refrained from doing: there's a mall
I wanted to blow up; our car would stall,
We didn't just abandon it, did we?

Our lives become misshapen via roads
We haven't taken, walls we didn't build,
Or woods that we passed by. Mortally chilled
By frost, we undertake the cost, in toads,
In golden showers, flowers, bad diodes,
Bad epodes, strophes, trophies. Blood's been spilled.